Rethinking, Revamping, Repackaging

As mentioned last time, we have ended up going down a very unexpected path with our candies. Over just the last two weeks it’s become clear that we have stumbled onto something that people want, but doesn’t seem to exist.

We’ve been making them as quickly as we can, but we’ve had limited options for packaging, and our newness to the craft of candy-making hasn’t helped. But that’s changing!

We have found new molds and new packaging options, and will be improving our candies with a new look in at least two ways. The Habanero Nougat will now be coming in a bar form, individually wrapped, just like other better-known chocolate nougat bars. Our mints will also be individually wrapped in large foil pouches, and will be increasing in size to fill those. And our hard candies, while remaining in their current packaging, will be coming in smaller, jelly-bean size pieces.

These changes are currently under way, so we may be a little short on some items while we adjust. But we should have everything back within a couple weeks.

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