2023: Looking Ahead

2022 in Review

twisty road

Our first year in business turned out quite good, and rather interesting. The intent was to sell dried chile peppers, powders, and fresh peppers, which we did. But feedback from our customers took us down a very unexpected path: Candy making. Our Habanero Nougat turned out to be our most popular produce by a very wide margin, with the Orange Habanero hard candy holding the second place. Our candies were more popular even than our powders! Either way, we provided fire to many homes through the year.

Coming in 2023


Peppers are the core of the business, no matter what form, so we will continue to grow them, dry them, and grind them to powder. And since everyone loves the candies, we will absolutely be continuing to make them. Not only the current line, but also new candies: more chocolates including a new take on the Dragon Egg, more hard candy options, and we’re even working on jelly beans (maybe even gummies)!

The existing candies are also being reworked to be even better. The hard candies (other than Dragon Glass) will have a new look and even more flavor. The chocolates will be offered in “fun-size” pieces as well as the original full-size patties and bars. And we are continuing to search for better and purer ingredients. (In the meantime, all remaining candy inventory will continue on clearance until sold out).

Finally, we are planning to branch out. While Rolesville Downtown Farmer’s Market will remain our home, we will be visiting more festivals throughout the state, and will be working to get our product into General Stores and specialty shops throughout the general Triangle area, and possibly beyond.

And in parting – keep watch here. We are expecting some very big news in the near future!

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